Our Philosophy

Here at Little Owl we believe in the power of the Reggio Emilia Approach. This approach was developed by the parents of the villages around Reggio Emilia, Italy after WWII.

The people of Reggio Emilia wanted to give young children the tools and opportunities to become responsible citizens, analytical thinkers, and creative problem-solvers. This led to creation of an early childhood approach based on the principles of respect and community through hands-on exploration in a supportive and enriching environment. 

Our approach is based on the fundamental belief that children are curious, capable, competent learners and that teachers are partners in their learning process. When teachers observe and listen carefully to children, they can provide meaningful experiences and create engaging learning environments.1

Each child's success rests on a synchronicity between home and child care. We strive to maintain open communication and involvement from all of our families. The likelihood of deep learning experiences to take place drastically increases if parents and teachers are working together in harmony. 


1. Moss, D., & Arakelian, T. (N/A). Helping Preschoolers become Thinkers and Communicators: Three Basic Principles of the Reggio Emilia Approach. Learning Care Group, 1-11.

Julia Bodin

 “We LOVE Little Owl Learning Centre Inc.
Our daughter has been going her for the last 2 and a half years. We always know she is in excellent care. She loves to go everyday to learn with her friends and can’t wait to tell us about her day and adventures with her friends. The children explore new things each day, have excellent meals and we are updated each day with what they are doing. I would recommend Little Owl Learning Centre Inc to all my friends.“

Melanie Mwaura

“Little Owl receives my top recommendation. I feel very confident leaving my children in their care every day. The staff are all very well versed in reggio learning and positive child development. They take time to understand each child’s strengths and areas for improvements and continually adapt their classroom to suit every child’s social, emotional, and physical needs. Their staff take a proactive and positive approach to each child and any parent concerns are address professionally and promptly. Little Owl is very open to working with families to support their child’s development. Little Owl has been very modest in their recent accomplishment of winning the 2018 Minister’s Award of Excellence in Child Development.”

Susanna Whelpley 

“Our family loves Little Owl!! Justine and her staff are amazing. All of the teachers are so caring and compassionate. Everyday my little one is so excited to tell me all about his day and how much he loves his teacher. He also raves about all the delicious homemade meals Miss Clara makes. We’ve been going to Little Owl since they opened and would highly recommend them” 

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