Do you remember how fun it was to be free? To use your imagination, take risks and learn from your mistakes? To experience the beauty of nature and the world around you. To run, jump, fall and pick yourselves up again all while developing confidence in your abilities. These are our best memories from childhood. The foundation of our practice begins with connection. Our educators lead from the heart and bring knowledge and intentionality to their practice.

Learning Outcomes

In conjunction with social skill building and emotional awareness, children are also increasing their knowledge about the world around them through the incorporation of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music and construction in the classroom


The best start to the day begins with proper nutrition. Wholesome House Recipes, a cozy cafe nestled in the heart of Little Owl provides nutritious lunches to all of our students as well as Homemade Dinner options to our families. Click below to learn more about our Nutrition options. 

Happy Families