Learning Outcomes

In conjunction with social skill building and emotional awareness, children are also increasing their knowledge about the world around them through the incorporation of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, and construction in the classroom. Children are challenged to think creatively and innovate. Children are explorers of the world around them and their teacher acts as a coresearcher in their journey.

1. Atelier Open Art

In the atelier process-based art is the focus, it’s all about the process of exploring different art techniques and materials. Process art allows children the room to be themselves, make their own decisions, explore the world around them, ask questions and see how things work!

When children are given the opportunity to engage in self-directed art experiences they are given the opportunity to develop confidence in themselves by having their ideas, theories and observations listened to.

2. Dramatic Play

Dramatic play is the act through which children use their imaginations to take on different characters, actively experimenting with the social and emotional roles of life. Through dramatic play children are able to practice self-regulation and are given the opportunity to develop creative conflict resolution skills they can use in a group of their peers.

Dramatic play can be an emotional outlet for children through which they can feel the freedom to explore their own thoughts and feelings, making it a core component in each of our classrooms.

3. Building Zones

The building centre is a creative space for children to gain positive selfesteem. Children discover they can bring their ideas to life using a wide variety of open-ended building materials and loose parts. Important concepts such as; spatial awareness, motor abilities, length, measurement, comparison, number estimation, symmetry, balance and much more are practised and strengthened through open-ended building opportunities.

4. Sensory Zone

Sensory exploration is a great way to ignite and discover the five senses during play. Learning about the world through different senses helps children build nerve connections in the brain. As children learn to differentiate between different sensations they are also building up their expressive language. Sensory play can also be a very calming experience and can encourage scientific thinking and problem solving.

5. Calming Area

The cozy corner is a place where children can escape the loud hustle and bustle of busier centres, to slow down share a story, song, game, puzzle or enjoy a quiet space to be alone. It is a place where children learn to soothe themselves when they feel they cope or are feeling overstimulated. It is a great place for reflection and connection which is why it is a core component in each of our classrooms.