Monday, Wednesday, Friday

"Play is the key to unlocking a child's imagination and creativity, allowing them to explore the world with wonder and joy."

Our play based learning program develops children's understanding of self, others, and the wider world through intentional learning experiences and respectful guidance practices. With a focus on child-led learning, project-based exploration, expressive arts, nature and outdoor learning, and documentation and reflection, we empower children to become curious, creative, and confident lifelong learners.

12-19 month Program Options

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  7:15am-5:30pm

starting at $0/month

19-36 month Program Options

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  7:15am-5:30pm

starting at $0/month.

3 year+ Program Options

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  7:15am-5:30pm

starting at $0/month.

  • Homemade lunch and nutritious snacks options available

Visit Child care subsidy | to see if you qualify for an additional $266.00/mo in funding. 

Start the application process today by paying the $50 deposit.  We will be in touch within 1-2 business days with a confirmation email and registration documents.  *Please note once deposit has been placed, it is non-refundable. 

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